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Risk Assessments  


The law (specifically the Management of the Health & Safety at Work Act Regulations 1999) requires that for all significant operations risk assessments must be carried out, recorded and made known to employees. 


In plain English the employer needs to look at an operation, see what hazards (things that may hurt someone such as electricity, falls, heavy weights etc) exist, what the chances of people getting hurt are, and the measures (known as control measures) which need to be put in place. 


Then, of course, the people actually doing the job needs to be told of the risks and what they must do to minimise these.

Please note that risk cannot be completely eliminated but it can be controlled by employees taking the sensible precautions listed in the risk assessment for a particular activity  

We supply a large range of generic risk assessments which are deemed applicable to your core business following the initial assessment (either by phone or by visit).  Please be aware, however, that ultimate responsibility for the suitability and sufficiency of the risk assessments must lie with yourselves

Sample Assessment

Fire Risk Assessments

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 put the legal requirement on to the employer/Controller of a building to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment.  Most commercial and industrial premises can expect a regular visit from the Fire and Rescue Service and they will ask to see you assessment;  this must be "suitable and sufficient".  You can, of course, do your own or alternatively contact us for a quote for low-cost peace of mind